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a yellowstone bouquet

Meredith Faulkner lives outside Seattle with her husband. Her work has been published at tenderness, yea. She blogs about poetry at

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“I Love Halloween”

I love Halloween I looked out my window and A kid dabbed at me by Tumblr user pemsylvania Apologies for my absence of late; I got a job! But I ran into this Tumblr post and couldn’t resist. This was not originally a haiku, but a normal Tumblr text post. Tumblr users dudesindnoods and pinchserveprince… Continue reading “I Love Halloween”

Issue 14, Poetry: Body Topography

pseudo mag

by Meredith Faulkner

I am my own warzone.

Bootprints slice through snowy cellulite,
marching onward to the motherland,
until hypothermia wins the war.

I am marooned on my own mind.

Fog tiptoes around the downy hairs
above my knees and hides empty brass shells
planted in a cemetery of freckles,
buried just deep enough to sprout self-loathing.

I am corrugated with sorrow and scars.

Tank tracks have dug up my wrists
and upturned my ancestors’ graves
that make for fertile topsoil and breed
the loneliness only the dead know
(and those who wish to join them).

I am somewhere between therapy and cartography.

Somewhere on my thigh, a lone survivor
sculpted her lifewish out of her family’s bodies.
Her cousin is the crossbar of the H. E: broken
and bent brothers, and the L is as tall her father’s gaze.
Her mother, fetal and waterlogged, completes the P.
The helicopters…

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Press Spotlight – The Lost Cities Project

As I get more serious about submissions, I'm going to try to highlight different publications to showcase the good work going on in the literary community and to encourage others to submit. These spotlights will likely focus on places I've been accepted, simply because it seems a bit like pandering to promote presses where I'm… Continue reading Press Spotlight – The Lost Cities Project

Submit Submit Submit cont.

I recently shared my growing collection of rejection emails. I've also been ghosted by a few presses who don't send rejection notices, too. And this morning, all of it seemed worth it. That's right--I got an acceptance email! A piece of mine got accepted by nu lit house for their publication MICRO//MACRO. They don't do… Continue reading Submit Submit Submit cont.

Submit, Submit, Submit

Sorry I've been neglecting my blog recently. I thought I'd share a collection of mine. Since I graduated, I've been trying to submit my writing more. What could I possibly be collecting while I submit poetry? Rejection emails. The size of my collection can tell you how little I've been submitting. (Some places, though, reject… Continue reading Submit, Submit, Submit


Watermelons by Charles Simic Green Buddhas On the fruit stand. We eat the smile And spit out the teeth. I have gone back to working with teeny-tiny poems! Not gonna lie, I discovered it by flipping through an old textbook and looking for the smallest poems. At first I thought, “Oh, how cute. If I… Continue reading “Watermelons”

Things to Do With Meter

It's been a little while since I've talked about meter. Today, we're going to work with a passage of Shakespeare that I particularly love for its metrical genius and how form contributes to meaning. Macbeth is a play, not a poem, but it is often written in verse. For context, Macbeth (guy who wants to… Continue reading Things to Do With Meter